Thursday, May 2, 2013



Who wants to be a tourist and a volunteer at the same time? HELP CATEEL launches its new program called " VOLUNTOURISM" last April 27, 2013. It aims to invite tourists to witness  the natural wonders of Cateel, Davao Oriental. At the same time the tourists will volunteer in tree planting activities to help restore the damages caused by Typhoon Pablo last year.

It was 1:00am when the group left Davao City. We arrived in Cateel Poblacion at 7:00am. Breakfast was served at Oriental Food Court owned by the Emboscado Family.  Our itinerary for the day was to have a tree planting activity at Mantunao Ecopark. Another tourist destination we visited was the Mahan-ob Waterfalls.

Mantunao Ecopark
Mahan-ob Falls
During the night Help Cateel officers and volunteers launches formally  "VOLUNTOURISM"  which was held at the Park. The program started at 8:00pm. Film showing, parlor games for the kids and video clips for the recent activities were shown at the program. Lights off at 11:30pm.

On our second day, after breakfast the group headed to the majectic "ALIWAGWAG FALLS".  The water is cold and  so refreshing. Late in the afternoon we left Cateel, Davao Oriental and went back to Davao City.

Aliwagwag Falls
As one of the volunteers of HELP CATEEL, I am encouraging all nature lovers to be a part of the "VOLUNTOURISM" activity in Cateel, Davao Oriental. For inquiries on scheduled trips you may contact HELP CATEEL President Mr. Rolan Emboscado at contact numbers 09282319131 or contact me at 09392383900.

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  1. Hopefully sa sunod nga workshop, didto na sad ta dalaon ni Olan sa Mahan-ob falls! hehehe :)