Thursday, November 29, 2012

Matigol Falls in Arakan, North Cotabato

Bani Waterfalls

The  first time I went to Matigol Falls  also known as Bani Falls was with my fellow mountaineers a few years ago. It was also a day hike but the trail we chose was  a little difficult since we follow the trail from the uppermost part of the waterfalls going down to the foot of the waterfalls.

This year Louie, Leo, Keir, Madayaw and I had our day trip to Matigol Falls. We arrived in Arakan Valley at 8:00am.  Hired   motorcycles  took as at the jump off point. From the basketball court our trek begins and after 30 minutes we reached Sitio Inamong, Barangay Datu Ladayon where we secure our guides and pay our registration fee.

"Traveling Louie" and "Journeying Sarah" at the top  of  Matigol  falls (photo courtesy of Madayaw Wowdagway)

Our first destination was to set foot at the  top most part of  Matigol Falls. We relaxed for a while and took some photos before we climbed back, took  another trail to reach the foot of  Matigol Falls.  Be sure to bring an umbrella with you because the weather is really hot on daytime since you will trek mostly on  grasslands. An hour and a half hour of trek  took us to see another beautiful gift of nature.

The Trail

A glimpse of  Matigol falls before descend
The foot of  Matigol Falls
Getting there:

From Ecoland Terminal took a "Rural Transit" bus bound for Cagayan via Budha. Just inform the driver to drop you at Arakan, North Cotabato. The fare ranges from  Php 80-100 non aircon bus.You may chosse to walk from the national highway or ride in a motorcyle all the way to Sitio Inamong, Barangay Datu Ladayon court at Php 50.00 -Php80.00 per person.  Registration Fee is Php25.00.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exploring Combilan Cave and Awao Falls

Exit Point of Combilan Cave
 Monkayo, Compostela Valley was my best friend's hometown. Since college I've been visiting their place to explore waterfalls and caves. One of the best tourist destinations  found in Monkayo is COMBILAN CAVE, in Brgy. Casoon and AWAO FALLS in Brgy. Awao, Monkayo, Compostela Valley which can be explored in a day.

From Davao City Overland Terminal, take a bus or van bound for Monkayo, Compostela Valley. Upon arrival at the terminal "skylabs", a single motorcyle with extended wooden seats that can accommodate up to 14 persons are available to take you to Brgy. Casoon.   It is advisable to coordinate with the tourism office of  Monkayo or  the Barangay Officials  before  planning to go to Combilan Cave and Awao Falls.

Natural wonders of  Combilan Cave
This was the hardest part of the trail but actually we were lost at  that  time

Combilan Cave  has many chambers inside so be sure to secure a guide before entering the cave to avoid from getting lost. There was also another cave that has a flowing water inside and when you reached the exit way there was a small stream that you would want to dip in the cold water.

The 2nd  cave on the other side  which has a flowing water inside
Swimming time at the exit of the 2nd cave

Awao Falls is located in Brgy. Awao. You may hire a single motorcycle from Monkayo Terminal  up to the jump off point but since we traveled in group we requested from the tourism office to use their dump truck.   There was no signage from the jump off point  so be sure to hire a local  guide. The trek going down to the waterfalls is only  thirty minutes. 

Awao Falls

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Natural Wonders of Oslob

OSLOB  is a two  and a half hour bus ride from South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. Located in Southern Part of  Cebu which offers one of the best tourist destinations.

Experience the encounter with the Whale Sharks or "TUKI" in Oslob.  Guests have 2 options either Whale watching or Snorkeling at the rate of Php300.00 and Php500.00. Waterproof Camera is also available for rent.  Make sure to proceed directly at  the Registration and Briefing Area to avoid unnecessary entrance fee's. After whale watching, a side trip to Sumilon Island  would be very nice by renting a boat at  php2,500 but the rate is negotiable.

Guests for the whale watching acitivity in Oslob
You may also visit the following tourist destinations in Oslob:

 * Tumalog Falls - Entrance fee is Php20.00. 



 *Immaculate Concepcion Parish


To those who planned to stay overnight in Oslob there are resorts near the whale watching area but the last time we were there we stayed at  Oslob Garden Stay Resort  located in Brgy. Lagunde, Oslob. The staffs are really nice. They will accommodate you well so that you would  feel at home.

Inside the Nipa Cottages

Oslob Garden Stay Resort Contact numbers and contact persons:

Christine Vale- marketing manager contact nos. 09228111575 - sun, 09165719508 - globe

Mary Mae cabanlit- staff. Contact nos.
09336681806 - sun , 09205402340 - smart

Garden Stacy's landline no. (032) 481-8072