Monday, July 25, 2011


It was not my first time to climb Mt. Pulag but I was still excited since it was my first out of town organized major climb in cooperation with Jr Gonzaga of  Cebu City  and 43  participants  from Manila, Cebu and Davao City. Our scheduled flight was 9:35pm bound for Manila via Airphil express. There was 23 of us boarding the same flight. When we arrived at Terminal 3 we  took a taxi which will take us at  Victory Liner, Pasay Branch. Our bus tickets was booked in advance by my friend Michael Caliat  for us to choose the exact time we wanted to leave Manila.

Ambuklao Dam
At 6:30am we arrived in Baguio City. The hired jeepneys already waited for us that will take us to Ambangeg, Kabayan, Benguet. Our first stop from Baguio City  was in Pinkan Jo Eatery  where we took our breakfast.  At 10:30am we arrived in DENR information office for the registration and briefing of participants. Another 1 hour bumpy ride from Ambangeg to Babadak  Ranger Station. Compared to  last time I went in Mt. Pulag, there were improvements in the road.  Porters and guides were arranged upon our arrival in Babadak Ranger Station. 

 It was 2:00pm when our group start the trek. Ambangeg trail is also known as executive trail since it is the easiest trail going to the summit at 7.5kms from Ranger Station. The trek took us 3 hours to arrived at Camp 2.  During the night. we had our socials at the camp but some of the participants chose to sleep early since the weather is cold.  
Briefing at DENR Office with Ma'am Emerita Albas
DENR Office

Wake up call was supposed to be 3:00am but since it was foggy so we decided to start our trek at 5:30am going to summit. Although the weather is not so good because of  low pressure but we still enjoy our trek to summit. I could see the fogs were blown away by the wind. It was one of a kind experienced. When we arrived at the summit it was zero visibility but we still did not loose hope. When the the fog disappeared  for a short period we hurriedly took  photos.

(courtesy of Keir Ashley Lim)

We decamped at 10:00am  from Camp 2 back to Ranger Station. Before we head back to Baguio City some of participants took a bath at Ma'am Gina's place. Our lunch was also served by  Ma'am Gina.  The "Pinikpikang Manok" and "Chopsuey" with "Brown Rice" took our tiredness away.  It was 5:00pm when we arrived at Baguio City. Our bus scheduled trip is 6:30pm via Victory Liner and 4:25am we daparted from Terminal 3 back to Davao City.

with Sir Charlie and Ma'am Genia
I would  like to thank my friend Olan Emboscado for designing our Id's and Certificates.

If you wish to climb Mt. Pulag feel free to contact the following persons and they will surely accommodate you well:

Ma'am Emerita Albas, DENR Superintendent of Mt. Pulag National Park. You may contact her at 09196315402

Ma'am Genia Epe is incharge for  jeepney reservations. She's also catering food for lunch after the trek with her specialties are chopsuey and pinikpikang manok served with rice at a very affordable price. You may contact Ma'am Genia at  09198169234.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

DTAA Outreach Program in Marilog District

The Davao Travel Agencies Association (DTAA) joined forces to donate bags and school supplies to Matigsalog tribe children in Marilog District.

It was 8:00am when  members of the DTAA headed by the President  Mrs. Pia Lourdes Montano went to Nograles Gym in Marilog District to distribute  bags, school supplies and shoes to students from pre-school to elementary of  different barangays in Marilog District.  Parents of the students were very thankful for the said activity since it could be a great help for their children in their studies. 


After the event the group went to "LANGUB GLASS PALACE" also located in Marilog District where a boodle fight lunch was served. We stayed for a while and took some pictures before headed back to Davao City. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sunset in Mt. Hamiguitan
Located in San Isidro, Davao Oriental Mt. Hamiguitan with an elevation of 1,620 masl and total land area of 6,834 hectares is one of a kind for it is known for its “bonsai forest” with trees more than 100 years old. In 2009 it was declared as a National Park by the UNESCO.

pitcher plants can be found in Mt. Hamiguitan
It was a few years ago when  our group  "TEAM  WANDERLUST " climbed Mt. Hamiguitan. We left Davao City at 1:00am and arrived in San Isidro, Davao Oriental at 4:00am.  There was no one at the terminal when we arrived in San Isidro so we called the  contact person  in tourism office of San Isidro to fetch us. There was another organized climb scheduled for that day so we negotiated with them for us to ride on the truck which will take us to the jump off point.  On the first day we  crossed rivers  and hiked for the whole day.  We only stopped for lunch and rest when our feets are tired.  We stayed in Camp 1 during the night, pitched our tents and rest for the night.

Lantawan 1

On the second day our trek continues as we passed by Lantawan 1 and Lantawan 2. It was an open area where you will see beautiful sceneries. It was noon when we arrived in Camp 2. We again pitch our tents and prepare our meals. After lunch, some of  my friends went to tinagong dagat and twin falls. I chose to stay at the campsite. We roam around the bonsai forest since it was a few steps away from Camp 2. During the night, there was a lot of fireflies in the area. It was so amazing. The weather is not so cold at camp 2. it was time to sleep again for the night.

On the third day  we prepared our breakfast,  packed  our things and cleaned the area.. We were heading for the summit of Mt. Hamiguitan. It was a three hours trek in the forest to arrived  at the summit.  After resting and picture taking our group started to descend. It was a long way going down from the summit. At 4:00pm we were back to the jump of f point. Eventhough we were tired but we were very satisfied with our climb. 

Getting There:
For group climbers you can hire a van bound for San Isidro, Davao Oriental. From there register at the tourism office. Then hire a motorcycle or jeepney  that will take you to the jump off point. Porters and guides can be arranged upon arrival at the jump off point.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Mt. Puting bato is the highest summit in Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) with an elevation of 1,345 feet (410 masl). There are 2 trails that leads to the summit. The easiest way is a 15-minute trek via Sitio Tayapoc but if you want a longer and challenging trail you must try the 2- hour  trek from Brgy.  Guilon.  I have been to Puting Bato several times because it is one of the nearest mountain near Davao City and the view above is breathtaking.
Photos were taken during our warm up climb last February 2009:

 Photos were taken from our  May and October 2010 climb  via Tayapok trail (photo courtesy of  Olan Emboscado, Joemarie Escovilla and Caroline Espejon)

Getting There:

From Davao City, Island City Express bus is  available  at Php40.00 per way on non aircon and Php50.00 per way on aircon bus with trip schedules from 5:30 am to 10:30pm that will take you to PeƱaplata or you may try the barge and boats in Sasa. Upon arrival in PeƱaplata a motorcyle will take you to Brgy. Guilon or Sitio Tayapok. For first timers it is better to secure a guide for you not to get lost along the way but if you will go to Sitio Tayapok guides are no longer necessary.