Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sunset in Mt. Hamiguitan
Located in San Isidro, Davao Oriental Mt. Hamiguitan with an elevation of 1,620 masl and total land area of 6,834 hectares is one of a kind for it is known for its “bonsai forest” with trees more than 100 years old. In 2009 it was declared as a National Park by the UNESCO.

pitcher plants can be found in Mt. Hamiguitan
It was a few years ago when  our group  "TEAM  WANDERLUST " climbed Mt. Hamiguitan. We left Davao City at 1:00am and arrived in San Isidro, Davao Oriental at 4:00am.  There was no one at the terminal when we arrived in San Isidro so we called the  contact person  in tourism office of San Isidro to fetch us. There was another organized climb scheduled for that day so we negotiated with them for us to ride on the truck which will take us to the jump off point.  On the first day we  crossed rivers  and hiked for the whole day.  We only stopped for lunch and rest when our feets are tired.  We stayed in Camp 1 during the night, pitched our tents and rest for the night.

Lantawan 1

On the second day our trek continues as we passed by Lantawan 1 and Lantawan 2. It was an open area where you will see beautiful sceneries. It was noon when we arrived in Camp 2. We again pitch our tents and prepare our meals. After lunch, some of  my friends went to tinagong dagat and twin falls. I chose to stay at the campsite. We roam around the bonsai forest since it was a few steps away from Camp 2. During the night, there was a lot of fireflies in the area. It was so amazing. The weather is not so cold at camp 2. it was time to sleep again for the night.

On the third day  we prepared our breakfast,  packed  our things and cleaned the area.. We were heading for the summit of Mt. Hamiguitan. It was a three hours trek in the forest to arrived  at the summit.  After resting and picture taking our group started to descend. It was a long way going down from the summit. At 4:00pm we were back to the jump of f point. Eventhough we were tired but we were very satisfied with our climb. 

Getting There:
For group climbers you can hire a van bound for San Isidro, Davao Oriental. From there register at the tourism office. Then hire a motorcycle or jeepney  that will take you to the jump off point. Porters and guides can be arranged upon arrival at the jump off point.

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  1. Good day. can please help me to have contacts for a Hamiguitan climb. it's my dream to climb this mountain. thanks for the help