Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enroute to Balut Island, Sarangani, Davao del Sur

Who would dare to sail via fishing boat  to Balut Island with huge waves and strong winds blowing? It was my second time to but still I was  so excited since I am going with my Best Travel Buddies and Family.

On board via Fishing Boat from Glan, Sarangani we sailed for about four and a half hours before reaching the bay of Sarangani, Davao del Sur. We had a sumptuous lunch at the residence of Sir Rolando Paalisbo before we proceed with our proper tour.

Riding this trike will cost P10 per person
It's a Six hours boat ride  From General Santos City to Port of Mabila

 Where to stay when in Balut Island:

What to see in Balut Island:

Sabang Boiling Hotspring
Balistic of  Fort Villalubos

What to see in Sarangani Norte:

Tuke Nunsol
Sunset in Balut Island taken from Tuke Nunsol
Tuke Maklang Beach Resort
Bubo Beach
Bolae Cove

Barangay Patuco also have their own Port
Olaniban Island is composed of  white and pink pristine sands.

The Lighthouse of Olaniban Island
After an overnight stay in Balut Island our group went back to Glan, Sarangani to have another overnight stay in a resort. Saturday morning when we arrived back in Davao City.

(some photos were taken during my last visit in Balut Island last 2011)

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  1. Hello Sarah! Salamat sa very impressive post! I know it's 2017 but can you please discuss the security in the island? For both travel by sea and peace-and-order there? Me & wife are planning to visit the place with children - maybe next year during summer. Thanks!