Monday, May 16, 2011

MT. TIMBAC (Atok, Benguet)

MT. TIMBAC also known as Mt. Singakalsa ranked as the  9th highest summit in the Philippines with an elevation of 2,717 masl. Mummies and vegetable terraces can  be found in  Mt. Timbak.  The weather is freezing cold at night like Mt. Pulag so make sure to bring proper clothing.  The coldest season in Mt. Timbak is between December to February that the crops are frosting.  The  locals are very kind and accommodating.    
I will share with you our itinerary during our side trip  to Mt. Timbak  after our Sagada Tour  last July 2010 with my travel buddies Ariel, Tina, Cheryl and  Jay:

10:00am      Departure from  Sagada

3:00pm       Arrival in Km. 55, Atok, Benguet /start trek.

a breathtaking view of  vegetable terraces
After a few minutes of walk a truck loaded with chicken dung fertilizer going to
Kabayan, Benguet pass by  so we grabbed  the opportunity to hitched a ride

a closer look at the vegetable terraces
 4:00pm      Arrival at the village near  the tomb of mummies and arrange for overnight
                    accommodation with the locals.
on our way to the mummies

  4:30pm      visit the MUMMIES  of  Timbak
  5:30pm      early dinner

Ariel and Tina wearing their emergency blankets
  6:30pm      sleeping time 
  3:00am      wake up call /start trek to summit

at the summit

7:00am     Arrival in  Mongoto Elementary School

8:00am      leaving  Mt. Timbak via hired vegetable jeepney

with the locals of  Mt. Timbak
8:30am      Arrival in HALSEMA ROAD (Highest point of elevation in National Highway)

   9:00am    Back to Baguio
 11:00am    Arrival in Baguio City

Buses are available 24 hours from Manila to Baguio City at Php440.00 per way. Upon arrival in Baguio City you may proceed to Dangwa Terminal and look for Lizardo Bus Liner bound for Sagada First trip is 6:00am at Php80.00 one way fare and travel time is two hours.  Please inform the driver that you need to stop at The waiting shed in  Km. 55, in Atok Benguet. Just follow the main road  going to Mongoto Elementary School. From there it is 30 minutes hike to the summit.




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