Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Mt. Pulag Experience

Mt. Pulag Peak
It was one of my dream climb. I never thought I would climb at the "Playground of the Gods".  Mt. Pulag is   is the third highest mountain in the Philippines with an elevation of  2,922 masl. The system in Mt. Pulag is well organized so its easy to arranged your bookings from   registration, transportation, guides and porters. Two trails are available for the climb: Ambangeg trail is a 2-day climb and the easiest while Akiki Trail is a 3-day climb.   

Ambuklao Dam

Prior the climb  transportation from Baguio to Ambangeg, guides and porters were already arranged  through Ma'am Emerita Albas, DENR Supirentendent. With five of us from Davao and four from Manila. It was our first time meeting them but they were very good company. Since we have different flight schedules from Davao we decided to meet up at Jollibee Baguio at 6:00a.m. Our jeepney service was also there to take us at Ambangeg. All of us are first timers so we were very excited to trek Mt. Pulag. We had a briefing at the DENR office and had our lunch then we proceed to the Ranger Station. It took us four hours of trek to reached the campsite. I had the chance to helped in prepared our  food but when the sky starts to dark the temperature dropped. It was really cold that I couldn't even get out of the tent to get my food. Luckily, we had the rented warmer blanket. It was a big help for us. 

At 4:00am the next day was our wake up call. We were glad that the weather is good. After an hour trek we reached the summit of Mt. Pulag. The view was just amazing with sea of clouds and sunrise. I was really happy because it was a dream come true for me. Our group returned the same day with full of satisfaction.
I would still love to come back to "The Playground of the Gods". 

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